Below are a few frequently asked questions to assist you with listing your property and next steps.

1) How do I add my listing to the website?

Cummins employees and designated relatives/friends utilizing their WWID may create a free account and build one or more property listings online at our Account Registration Page.

Already have an account? Log in here.

2) What information should I include in my property listing?

The online form will require the following:

  • Current Cummins WWID
  • The property owner’s name or name of the property (for apartment and condo complexes handled by a leasing office)
  • The physical address of the property
  • Select the Cummins location nearest to your property.  Note: Multiple locations may be selected (i.e. Columbus/Seymour and Indianapolis) if your property is within 60 miles of either location.
  • A contact person name, email and phone number (this is the person who would answer any questions about the property, not necessarily the Cummins employee or property owner)
  • Select the time of year the property will be available for rent
  • Information about the property – name of apartment complex (if applicable), number of bedrooms/bathrooms, pet policy, smoking policy, monthly rent, any amenities included with the rent and any additional comments/information
  • Photos of the property – at least one of the exterior of the property is required and several of the interior are recommended, especially if there will be shared spaces utilized by the renter.

3) How long before my property listing is live on the EXP website for students to see?

Each property you submit will be reviewed within 48 hours by a member of our team.  If all the information above is included, it will be approved and will be live upon approval.

If information is missing, you will receive a request for changes to the listing via the contact email you provided with the property listing.  Please check your spam or junk email folders if you have not heard from us within 48 hours, as sometimes those emails are sent to those locations.

We will check back on your listing within 48 hours of sending you an email to see if changes were made.  Once changes are made, we will approve your listing and it will be live on the website.

Changes not made within 14 days of request by the EXP Team will result in deletion of the property listing.

4) How much should I charge for rent?

Keep in mind that the students are earning internship salaries – and are typically undergraduate or graduate students on a budget. We find that properties that offer rent for $500-$600/month are very popular.  This may vary from market to market.  If you have specific questions about how to price your property, feel free to contact the EXP Team.

5) Can I review my listing on the website? 

Yes! You can log onto your account at any time to make changes.  Once logged in, you can also view other property listings on the site.  We recommend that you do a little research to compare pricing of your property with similar listings in your location.

5) How can I make changes to my listing?  Do I contact you if a property is rented?

To make changes to your listing, log onto your EXP Housing account and access the property you would like to edit.

We recommend that you update your listing immediately upon receipt of a signed lease. This is especially important from December – April each year, as properties are quickly reserved by incoming Summer interns and co-op students.  This also allows properties which have not yet been rented better visibility during these high demand times.

For tips on how to update your property listing, visit our Property Update page.